Max Levine

B.A. Sculpture Wesleyan University

I am a sculptor, woodworker, painter and musician based out of Washington D.C. In a single sentence, my art seeks to emulate and pay tribute to the beauty and elegance of nature, and in doing so making our human constructed spaces feel more alive. Beauty comes first, concept second.

I have been making art since I could hold a brush, starting formal training when I was 8 with Albert Shvilly, who I studied with for almost a decade. He was a brilliant and kind painter who taught me how to be an artist, and how to work with integrity and discipline.

To my students I strive to pass on my immense passion for art, a strong foundation in technique, and the ability to find one’s unique voice. Art is and has always been my life, and I hope to pass on my dedication to craft and personal expression through both my art itself and through my teaching.